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Feel on your own covered right away feeling of comfort & wellbeing!

Our bamboo jersey mama/ maternity/ medical robes are luxuriously soft and hug our bodies in the correct areas. Package one out of your medical facility travelling bag, put it on for those valuable initial photos with the new baby and maintain it convenient for postpartum visitors.

Featuring a cleverly situated fasten, that accommodates a growing tummy and provides for easy sizing straight down from maternity to delivery. Two secret pockets allow you to maintain your own property and bubs necessities near by.

Our bamboo jersey robes offer magnificent daily comfort and style, infant lump and over and above. Set them our gorgeous child outfits, like knotted gowns and swaddle units for cute twinning ensembles.

We assurance, that once you have packaged yourself in our feathery soft ecosy™ bamboo jersey, you will not possibly wish to go with out.

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