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Amazon has decided to steal my money. I’m a handicapped small business owner. We are paralyzed out of the chest on down with no feeling. I want 24hr cares and am in a wheelchair throughout the day. The thing I truly do all day is try to sell on different networks. I actually do this to thrive to not come up with a ton of money. These funds I earn travels to medical supplies, medications, food, housing and much more. I have already been selling on Amazon about 1200 different products being a “drop shipper”. I only had about 30% in-house items that I shipped directly. 1 day I had created a gripe for an unauthentic product. This product I sold over 20 of those items with no problem. I just became of stop selling this item since i lost the seller 30 days ahead of the complaint “the complaint came once i stopped selling it”. Then using this pt2730 .. Amazon has suspended my account with no proof from the person that complained. Amazon sent me and email stating I needed to send in most my purchase orders with this product during the last One year. Also a prolonged “plan of Action” how I may prevent this. Even the names, numbers, and locations of most my contacts who supply my orders, for them to refer to them as. Easily don’t or are unable to prove actually authentic within Ninety days these are seizing my funds ($3,280.00). So, I sent them multiple plans of actions again and again. Simply because this item was a drop ship item. The only purchase orders I can send them were Snap shots of my account I drop shipped from The corresponding receipts from PAYPAL. I even left the pricing about the snapshot which Amazon stated I really could blur out. I used to be 100% totally transparent and would not try to hide anything. Amazon has take off all communication with me and is seizing my hard earned money.

Money that I charged on my own bank cards, Money i still owe. Amazon without evidence something unauthentic but ONE customer stating they did not accept it would be a real brand. Although the item was sold over 20X. I think back in my records and discovered out this customer. Complained to us there was obviously a “return” sticker about it. We do not have return stickers we wear products, really? We sent this customer a “PRE-PAID” Shipping label for you the item back. The customer claimed the label was bad so we Purchased another label. Then she stated she couldn’t print out. We sent the label 4X to hear then shortly after we received the BOGUS COMPLAINT. Sure you may look at this and say what you need to do is go to seller support. They’re going to open up communication with the appropriate people. Yes they’re going to nevertheless they will shut you down over and over again. They’re going to cause you to revise you POA again and again tying up all your time and energy. They’re not going to use your info unless you have Company invitations purchase orders. Displaying are purchasing 100’s – 1,000’s items at the same time. Not waste time and difficult earned money. If amazon will steal from a handicapped small business owner without having proof. They’ll steal within you too. Wait until you have $3,280 with your Amazon account or maybe more. Then Amazon occurs and steals your hard earned money too.

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