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Details It’s Important To Learn About Graphite Electrode And The Way Is It Related To The Steel Making Method?

Most of us need to know steel. It’s used by us inside your everyday routine. But have you ever wondered the way to produce it? As well as what should it decide to try produce it? Simply the steel is produced in the big factory which is cooked within a giant stove called furnace. As well as the cooking itself takes so many ingredients inside.

The Blast Furnace and Electric Arc Furnace methods are the two major approaches for producing iron and steel products. Scrap melting could be the major process utilizing Electric Arc Furnaces. Recently, industry competition has grown to be increasingly intense, elevating the requirement for a lot more efficient melting process. Capacities of the transformers are receiving larger and electric furnaces are growing larger worldwide. With this manufacturing environment, graphite materials which may have durability for larger-power operation are expected considerably more for that use as Graphite Electrode (GE).

GE are made of carbon. Carbon is often a nonmetal element having an atomic quantity of 6 and also the atomic symbol “C”. Carbon may be the base of organic chemistry, closely associated with organic matter and life activity. Manufacturing excellent graphite electrodes requires quality materials which might be strictly selected.

Graphite features a higher heat transfer rating, effectiveness against higher temperatures, and possesses more strength against thermal shock than many other materials. Moreover, it excels in machinability to meet certain requirements for any broader array of dimensions. Thus, graphite is the optimum material for scrap-melting electrodes.

GE are often consumed at high temperatures due to the reaction with oxygen for being CO, CO2. The oxidation of electrodes starts at 500oC and accelerates its speed at 800oC (inside furnace). Utilization of graphite electrodes by sublimation occurs at 3400o. The speed of sublimation is proportional towards the increase of current density.

Meanwhile, use of quality GE results in contributions to saving energy and environmental conservation. Electric arc furnaces, using the main objective of recycling steel scraps, help promote reuse of steel products.

Production organization of graphite electrodes can be divided as 10 stages the next:

Raw material transporting
Pitch Impregnation
The typical sizes for graphite electrodes are from diameter 10″ (inch) to 30″(inch) and from amount of 60″(inch) to 110″(inch). The weights are ranging from 123 Kgs (10″ x 60″) to 2060 Kgs (30″ x 110″).

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