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Central Asia Travel

Central Asia was the hub of the Great Silk Road linking East and West. More than spices, silk and gemstones passed through on the caravans. Religion, culture, and language were able to travel as well.

Central Asia Travel destinations: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. These are the gems of the necklace of Silk Road.

Central Asia cities like Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent, Khiva, Turkestan, Merv and Kashgar are truly magnificent. Minarets, royal palaces as well as other ancient structures remain in their original designs. Restorations are done with care to preserve the originality of these historic architectures. While exploring these archaic monuments you feel as if you’ve stepped back to the past. They aren’t too crowded unlike many other tourism destinations , allowing visitors to have a relaxing time by delving into their surroundings in greater detail. You should also look at the design of these structures like the naves and domes of palaces. These models will be found in numerous European archaic structures. It is evident that caravans traveling on the ancient Silk Road carried not only tangible goods to be used for trade or economic purposes but also they were hauling various ideas from one location to another.

It is a territory with a rich history. The region is filled with historical figures like Marco Polo, Umar Khayam, Amur Temur, Marco Polo and Amur Temur.

The atmosphere in these places is extremely relaxing and this atmosphere is further enhanced by great hospitality of its people. We recommend that travelers try Central Asia traditional dishes such as palov, samsa shashlik, kebab and manti. Central Asia Travel is a well-known option for those who want to make a memorable trip for the last time.

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