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Central Asia Travel

Central Asia was the center of the Great Silk Road connecting East with West. More than spices, silk and precious stones were transported on the caravans. Culture, language and religion made these routes easy to travel through as well.

Central Asia Travel destinations: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. These countries are regarded as the jewels of the necklace of the Silk Road.

Central Asia’s cities of Samarkand and Tashkent Khivas Turkestan Merv, Kashgar, Tashkent, Khivas, Turkestan, Merv, Turkestan, Merv, and Tashkent are all stunning. A lot of royal palaces and minarets are kept at its authentic form and restored with care so as not to reduce the beauty of these ancient structures. It’s like being immersed in the past when you stroll around these archaic landmarks. It allows visitors to take their time enjoying the surroundings without being pressured like other tourist destinations. It is important to be attentive to the design of these buildings such as the domes and naves of palaces because you will certainly see models similar to these prototypes, their architecture, and designs in numerous European archaic buildings. This suggests that the caravans travelling along the ancient Silk Road were not only transporting tangible items for trade or economic purposes, but they also carried many concepts.

It is the home of the rich past of a region that glitters with the historical figures of Avicenna, Amur Temur, Marco Polo, Umar Khayam and many more

The ambience in these areas is extremely pleasant and such atmosphere is further enhanced by an incredible hospitality shown by the locals. We suggest that visitors try Central Asia traditional dishes such like palov, samsa shashlik, kebab and manti. Central Asia Travel is a top choice for people looking to make a memorable trip once in a lifetime.

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