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Augmented reality 3 dimensional technological innovation

We have been utilizing eye filtration system and leading edge technology to create next age group visual activities for you personally. We’re focused on getting realtime 3D to everyday two dimensional within our Immersiiv series. And we would like to take a lot more color and clarity in your everyday 3D encounter by way of our Optiix series.

Rather than a single item or technological innovation, we are looking for recommendations and companions to give the entire world alive. We’re working in the consumer market, but we’re also looking at how our technology could make lives better in healthcare, education, corporate training and other industries and segments.

Modern technology takes on a vital role in your life with regards to work, communication, learning and entertainment and information. Enciircle’s work is about producing technician that is more true to life by delivering a better vision, a more connected practical experience, as well as a greater experience of engaged in daily life, instead of merely observing it.

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