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RELX Receives Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 for RELX Infinity

RELX Technology, Asia’s leading ecigarette brand name, has-been given the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 due to its newest e cigarette, RELX Infinity. The Red Dot Award is merely given to services and products which characteristic definitely unique design and style.
The Red Dot Award: Product Design is among the world’s largest design competitions. In 20 20, designers and manufacturers in more than 50 nations around the world entered greater than 6,500 services and products from the competition. Even the international jury comprises experienced professionals from unique areas also it’s been convening for over sixty decades in order to select the season’s finest layouts. Within the adjudication approach that spans several times , they take note of the services and products and thus get to a wellfounded choice about the layout experience of this entries. In keeping the motto”In hunt of proper style and design and invention”, their appraisal focuses on standards like the A mount of innovation, performance, and proper quality, longevity and ergonomics.
Unveiled in Shenzhen, China in January, RELX Infinity will soon be the firm’s most recent item. Adding independently innovative technology, Infinity will be in a position to get a full flavor and crank out a super smooth puff out of atoz . The smoothness is done possible by 2 key RELX technologies: the Active-steam Pro and Air Boost style and design. Active-steam Pro accomplishes a regular vapor amount and caliber from actively balancing and managing both the atomizing power and temperature; while the aerodynamic Air Boost style and design creates negative pressure that compels up the vapor in the atomizer.

In addition into your smoother flavor, Infinity features superb battery functionality and wireless charging. Two various slim charging situations may charge the unit for just two key to 3 times until either needs to be charged again. RELX also improved the congestion resistance efficiency using their item line together with the Infinity.
The addition of Infinity took 380 times. During that time, the Infinity had 5 9 iterations. RELX has filed patent software for over than 5-3 creations used in those apparatus , for example its own leak-resistant design, eliquid pods and wireless charging case. The Red Dot is not firsttime RELX has been awarded for the product or service designs. The RELX I, RELX’s very first intelligent e cigarette apparatus was given that the 20-19 Bronze Prize on the European Product Design Awards as well as the Bronze award from the 2018 International Design Awards.
About RELX
Founded in January 2018, RELX is Asia’s major ecigarette company. RELX individually grows its ecigarette products during its R&D center in Shenzhen, China. RELX’s mission is to enable adult smokers through tech and style, ethically. RELX is always create significant investments in R&D, eliquid analyzing and cool solution growth. RELX has built that the very initially CNAS-standard lab in an separate e cigarette model. The enterprise has attracted global talents from Uber, Proctor and Gamble, Huawei, Beats, and L’Oreal. RELX traders incorporate high increase funds businesses Source Code Capital, IDG Capital, and Sequoia Capital.
Twitter: @Relxtech
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