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The Hibiscus Tea

Although the hibiscus is primarily grown for that decorative properties of the flowers, many cultures call the hibiscus tea their preferred drink. During medieval times, there is evidence that show Pharaohs of ancient Egypt drinking the hibiscus tea. This drink is usually a combination of black tea with hibiscus flavoring.

Where does the hibiscus tea come from? The seeds from the hibiscus plant are planted at the end of spring or in the summer. These will produce a bush type plant that may produce the flowers when the tea will likely be produced by. Each different varieties of hibiscus will make a different flavor of tea. With over 200 different known types of the hibiscus these days there are numerous variations of hibiscus tea available for you to sample.

Where they’re grown. The hibiscus tree is normally found in tropical and subtropical regions where sunlight is abundant. The plant itself comes in numerous shapes and forms, for example bushy shrubs and also small trees. The flower is rather large and sticks out. Aside from its capability to provide nice tasting tea, its conspicuous nature helps it be popular for decorations. In Hawaii, the flower of the hibiscus is a well-liked flower to the utilization of making leis.

Benefits. The hibiscus tea is known for most health advantages. Regular utilization of the hibiscus tea is known to prevent constipation, bladder infection, and also prevent high blood pressure. The hibiscus flower that is converted into a way of herbal tea is usually when combined black tea and another product called rosehip. Although studies that provided this information are not scientific in nature, it’s still widely believed by many.

Apart from tea, the hibiscus can also be accustomed to create other drinks. In Jamaica, for example, an iced drink based on hibiscus is very popular.

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