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Metal siding

CPI is often a Premier Manufacturer of engineered architectural metal envelope systems providing quality, value and repair to the Commercial Building Industry. We utilize most advanced state of the art fabricating and computer aided design equipment to make precisely fit, aesthetically pleasing ALUMINUM COMPOSITE PANEL SYSTEMS. Our staff members are experienced, professional and competent in all of the elements of the metal cladding process including estimating, designing, fabricating and field measuring. Our mission is not hard to deliver a quality product by the due date at a competitive price that meets the architects and owners expectations.

We’re experienced and passionate about our work, that is reflected in each and every completed project for our satisfied customers. Our technicians are licensed and licensed in local building codes and still have been fully vetted before we send them out on the job. CPI can be an established local leader in the market with many different connections to sourcing the top prices for materials so we are able to pass that savings onto our customers.

Metal composite panels are already popular in North America for the past thirty years. Sandwich type panels are formed when two metal skins are merged with a core plastic panel bewteen barefoot and shoes. Some aluminum composite panels are already utilized for external cladding of buildings or billboard signs and quite often as external insulation for industrial or commercial buildings.

Metal wall panels offer a great deal of versatility in design since you can add horizontal or vertical panels to new construction in order to retrofit an existing building.

Siding options for commercial buildings or industrial sites include: aluminum composite , aluminum composite siding, metal siding, or steel siding.

Steel cladding may be included with the outdoors facade of homes or commercial buildings to provide protection to the building or even an aesthetically pleasing textured look. The additional advantage of steel cladding is it is available for your purchases in around twenty two different colors from a lot of companies so you have got options to modify the check out suit your needs.

Aluminum cladding holds a different weight and measures a different price tag, as it’s less expensive to make. A lot of companies offer two different finishes: anodized or powder coated in around fifteen different colors.

Many metal panels which are on the market today are fade resistant and mostly weather resistant this creates an inexpensive selection for home or business owners that need to find a long term treatment for their metal siding panel needs. Durability and versatility in commercial aluminum siding and cladding systems make these a fantastic chance of the price.

Metal cladding is often a variation of coating that’s wear metal to raise durability and wear resistance. The quality of cladding goods that are used around the building materials that CPI uses is unmatched by other products in the area. We uphold the top substandard quality that’s presented through the manufacturers we use.

CPI is often a leading manufacturer of metal building materials within the Pittsburgh area. We take pride in all material that leaves our facility and urge you to definitely give it a try on your own!
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