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Designing Your Webpages with The End User in Mind

Every professional website that’s successful has one thing in common: good web design. Think about what you do – when you hit a website as a first time visitor, what do you think about or feel? Visitors to your website will have some kind of impression within seconds of being on your site. That is why this is so important to us as online marketers. We cannot discuss all aspects of site design, but here are just a couple that you need to think about in relation to your site.

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Even though properly spelled words is not a part of design, it is related in a roundabout way. You will create a negative impression if your text has more than enough misspelled words to earn you a B or C grade on a paper. Even if you do not have a word processor, there are tons of free spell checkers online that are easy to find. You could be losing traffic with nobody returning and not have any idea about it – until you remember reading this article. Just get in the habit of checking it every time you finish writing something.

We know that privacy policy pages as well as disclaimers and others are not design elements, but people do check for them and actually read them, too. You just never know with people, and that is why it is important to buy these forms that you can use on any site you have. If you ever check your server logs, you will see that people click on the links and spend time reading the documents. These pages are important in other areas such as PPC advertising and SEO because the search engines look for them.

Alternate Domains: to make sure that your brand is protected and that everybody can find your site, you should register alternate and multiple versions of your domain name with a variety of extensions. This step is to only prevent others from taking advantage of the free domain names and registering them. This isn’t a direct part of your website design but take the step anyway so you can protect yourself. You can simply re-direct all your domain names to your main domain name, which is often done by big companies to protect their brand and increase awareness of their site. To use one example, you need to register at least the .org and the .net as well as the .com extensions to make sure that you stay covered. This will also help your site have no competition from other domain extensions in the search engines. Web design involves lots of factors, some small and some major, but all contributing to the general appearance of the site as a whole, so if you want to make the best possible impression don’t neglect anything.
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